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SPRING INTO ACTION Part 1: Hacks for a green lush lawn

Posted on March 28, 2017 at 1:40 PM

A picture perfect green lawn is every homeowner’s dream. The amount of curb appeal a thick lush carpet of grass adds to your house is truly quite amazing. Have you always wanted that beautiful thick lawn but are not sure how to achieve your results? Below are five steps to take this spring to ensure you have set up your lawn to succeed!

1) Cleanup yard debris - To ensure your lawn starts off on the right foot this spring make sure you cleanup any yard debris left over from the fall (or blown over from your neighbors property.) You want be sure to pick up leaves, sticks and pine needles so your lawn gains full exposure to the sun. Failure to do so can lead to dead spots or browning areas.

2) Dethatch your lawn - Thatch is the layer of dead grass interwoven in your lawns root system. A thin layer of thatch is beneficial to the health of your lawn by acting similar to mulch holding in moisture to the roots system as well as preventing compaction to the soil. Often times the layer of thatch becomes too thick and can have a detrimental impact to your otherwise healthy lawn. This will then hinder drainage, limit nutrient absorption, and choke out your lawns root system. To prevent too much thatch build up, VAST recommends dethatching once a year in the spring. This will allow proper drainage and allows better nutrient absorption. To dethatch you can use a power rake, a tyne dethatcher, or a metal leaf rake with a strong back!

3) Over seeding - Over seeding is the process of applying grass seed to an already existing lawn to create a thicker lusher lawn. To achieve the best results you are going want to do more than throw some seed out into your lawn and hope for the best. First you will want to mow your lawn short (approx. 2".) I recommend you core aerate your lawn to pull up plugs of dirt. This will prep the lawn and give you multiple growing benefits such as allowing gas exchange in the soil, and creating space inviting the new seed to germinate. After those steps are completed you will want to lay your seed with a rotary spreader. To make sure you are getting good coverage I always recommend seeding on a half setting twice and change directions running perpendicular to each other. After you seed is disbursed you will need to rake in the seed manually or use a dethatching rake to set the seed. The final and most important step is to ensure plenty of water. (It is also important to note, if you plan on over seeding in the spring not to put down any weed prevention. This will not only stop the germination of weeds but also prevent the germintation of your new grass seed.)

4) Keep your blades sharp and your mowing consistent - A healthy lawn is mowed and maintained regularly. For most types of grass 2.5" to 3" is the perfect height. Keeping you grass too short or too long you risk browning, and less favorable results. It is also very important you keep your blades sharp. A dull blade can tear the grass causing an unsightly finish and can lead to browning as well.

5) H20 to grow - All of the pervious 4 steps are paramount to setting your lawn up for success, but without adequate amounts of water you could be risking all of your hard work. A healthy lawn needs ample amount of water to grow thick and green. The most reliable solution is installing a sprinkler system and automating a timer to give your lawn atleast 15 minutes of water each and every day. If this isn’t an option for you and you still want to achieve a thick lawn, you can do so with a little more legwork. You will want to monitor the weather and the amount of precipitation. During periods of less rain be sure to manually water your lawn to deter it from browning.

VAST Labor Services: I hope you found all of this information useful and informative. This is PART 1 of our Spring Into Action series giving homeowner’s tips and tricks as how to kick start their curb appeal this spring. To schedule any of these services or to discuss with Mike what options might be best for your situation call 518-321-9953

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