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Lawn Care Services

Do You Want To Have The Most Beautiful, Vibrant Lawn In Your Neighborhood?

We provide you with outstanding service that delivers top of the line quality for all of you residential and commercial needs!

VAST  offers a large variety of lawn services to beautify, and maintain the beauty of your home.

What Do We OFFER?

We make it our mission to give you the yard your neighbors are envious of. We take the same pride in the way your property looks as you do,  therefore it is our duty to hold our clients yards to the highest standards. 

Lawn Mowing

  • Mowing your lawn providing a top notch professional cut
  • Trimming around beds, house, driveway, and mailboxes.
  • Blow of your walks, porches, decks, and driveway.

  • Routine or one time edging of beds, sidewalks, and driveways.
  • Natural Edging - Grass Edge cut, with deep well sloping back to much or stone bed

Hedge Trimming
  • Once twice or three times trimming or pruning of all the bushes and shrubs on your property.
  • Trimming improves your curb appeal with manicured bushes
  •  It also improves the health and fullness of your landscape when tended to properly

  • No one likes those pesky weeds poking up, vast has several options to keep the weeds at bay
  • Weekly, monthly, or one time weed pulling to clean up your beds and maintain control
  • We also offer weed spraying monthly in rock and mulch beds 

  • A little bit of thatch in your lawn is healthy, but often times it builds up and can be restricting
  • Annually dethatching ensures proper nutrient absorption and drainage.

  • Aeration is one of the many necessary steps to a lush vibrant lawn
  • Annually "plugging" your lawn helps your roots grow stronger and deeper